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Your online hearing protection shop

KiddyPlugs is your very personal & professional online hearing protection delivery. Whether for children & family, crafts & industry, for parties or holidays, for university or school - with us you will find the best hearing protection for all situations. We only sell professional products from well-known manufacturers. Cheap products are taboo with us. Your hearing is worth it to us ...

Here you will find an overview of all hearing protection product types in our shop - earmuffs, ear defenders, ear plugs, ear plugs with neck tape, head protection, goggles, work protection.

What ear muffs?

Ear muffs are ear ear muffs that lock the ear from the outside. There is no need to insert a plug into the ear, which can cause some people to feel uncomfortable. On ear earmuffs sit on the ear and prevent the ingress of noise into the ear canal. Earmuffs are often reusable, easy to clean and, in most cases, adjustable in size. In addition, falling out of the ear plug is not possible here. Earmuffs are optimally positioned on the ears and you have your hands free at work and can move freely.

What are earplugs for?

Earplugs are an in-ear hearing protection that closes the ear in the ear canal. This will insert a plug of foam, silicone, wax or other materials in the ear and thus closes the ear canal. The ear ear plugs are in the ear and thus prevent the ingress of noise into the inner ear. Ear plugs are available as disposable and reusable plugs. Ear plugs sit unobtrusively and barely perceptible directly in the ears. Especially when wearing a headgear the use of a hearing protection is not always possible. Here too, one has the hands free at work and can move without restriction.

What earplugs with neckband?

Ear plugs with a neckband correspond exactly to the plugs in the application. With the band you can take the plugs out of your ears and hang them around your neck. So you have the pegs always close at hand on the body. Ear plugs and neck band are often suitable for a long continuous use. Ear plugs with neckband are suitable for changing or only temporary use in the workplace.

What hearing protection?

Earmuffs are a mixture of ear muffs and ear plugs. It is an on ear hearing protection that closes the ear from the outside. Here, a plug, which is attached to a Kunstuffbügel, placed on the ear canal and thus closes the ear. Ear hearing protection is very light and weighs, in contrast to earmuffs, often only a few grams. In contrast to ear plugs and ear muffs, hearing protection often only provides a lighter protective effect and is not intended for very noisy environments. Ear muffs completely surround the ear and have a secure hold due to a larger contact pressure. Ear plugs, however, sit directly in the ear canal and close it. The earplug of an ear defender often consists only of a foam and sits on the ear canal. The lightweight design leads to a high level of comfort and you can quickly remove the bracket and put on again. However, ear defenders should not be used in noisy surroundings, such as construction sites or production halls, but often have their application in the home, in hobby or in the garden.

For what kind of child protection?

Child protection is a kind of earmuffs, but it is specially adapted to the needs of children. The EIgenschaften are but of ear muffs. KiddyPlugs has launched a child hearing protector specifically designed to meet the needs of children. Due to the possibility of a stepless size adjustment, children Gehröschutz fits children of almost any age from 6 years. The contact pressure is not so high and leads to a high wearing comfort. Children can not use ear plugs themselves correctly because they can not judge a correct and correct fit subjectively. In addition, adults also can not verify that the plug is properly seated in children. This problem does not exist with children ear muffs. This is simply placed on the ear from the outside and thus closes the ear canal safely and optimally.