Noise is everywhere

In our industrial world, noise is everywhere. But it doesn't always have to be noise. Different noises accompany us all day. TV, radio, car, motorcycle, traffic, workplace, party, concert, city festival, carnival, football stadium ... the list could go on for a long time. In the long run, however, our ears cannot stand it.

Why hearing protection?

Hearing protection is like brushing your teeth. If you don't clean regularly, there will be holes. If you don't protect your hearing, you will lose your hearing over time ... irreversibly. Anyone who is regularly in a noisy environment runs the risk of hearing damage. Due to the noise pollution, the performance of our ears decreases. It is harder to hear and there can be whistling, hissing or continuous tones in the ear Tinnitus).

How ears work

Ears belong to the sense organs. Because what would we be if we could not hear our surroundings. Fine hair cells in the ears perceive the sound waves, convert them into signals and transmit them to the brain. If, however, permanent noise penetrates our ears, these hairs break off and the performance of the ears decreases. It is important here that these fine hairs are so sensitive that they can break off even in a one-time noisy environment.

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How loud is loud

Volume is perceived individually. What is loud for some is far from being for others. However, there are key figures that illustrate the volume. Noise is measured in decibels (dB). The scale starts at 0, which corresponds to absolute silence, and is open at the top. 130 dB would be like standing right next to a jet plane taking off. It goes without saying that this is not healthy. Concerts, open chairs or other music events often reach 130 dB and that over 2-3 hours.

What areas of application are there?

ear protection

Promotes concentration and learning

ear protection

For sporting events, such as football, motorsport, and much more.

ear protection

Prevents water from entering the ear

ear protection

For motorcyclists, sailors, water sports

ear protection

Helps to equalize pressure during takeoff or landing


Helps you fall asleep and sleep through on vacation, hotel or snoring

ear protection

Protects the ears and maintains the music enjoyment through special filters

ear protection

Especially for children - home, garden, school, pedagogy and much more.

When do I need hearing protection?

Hearing protection can be used in many areas of life. We generally recommend using hearing protection wherever it is loud. It should be remembered that even a single loud noise can damage your hearing a little. Hearing is irreversible. Hearing damage is not always noticeable immediately. Who doesn’t know that, you come home after a concert and your ears whistle. The next day it is over again and you hear quite normally ... you think. Because the hearing was damaged. But you don't notice it, at least not immediately. Often you only notice over a long period of time or after a few years that you can hear worse. But when the time comes, the damage that has occurred cannot be reversed.

Hearing protection no longer costs the world. Who still uses a drill, a flex or a jackhammer without hearing protection today? But hearing protection with filters can also be used at a concert. Many music fans are afraid to use earplugs because they are afraid that the music will no longer sound great and that they will not have a nice concert experience. But that's wrong. The new plugs only filter the unpleasant noises and frequencies from the music, but get the full enjoyment of the music. So you see, modern high-tech hearing protection can do a lot, protects hearing and helps in many situations.

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