Children hearing protection comparison - which hearing protection is the right one?

Children ear protection teaser

Of course, as a parent, one asks oneself which ear protection is right for his child. Who does not want to make the best choice. But there are many factors to consider. We have put together a few basic data clearly.

Cheap suppliers - dangerous products?
In various online shops products are offered by Chinese sellers, which are often sent directly from China. But German providers have ear protection for children in the program. Although these no-name products look great on images, they often do not comply with European occupational safety standards or have no CE mark. This is not obvious to buyers in many cases. Unfortunately, the quality of hearing protection products is often inferior to these sellers. Quite different with the products of KiddyPlugs, Our hearing protection is invariably tested according to the valid EN 352-1: 2002, of course have the CE mark and have the 2019 mandatory new EU standard 2016 / 425. This standard is met by very few providers at all.

What is the benefit of CE?
The CE mark is not a seal of quality, but only an identification. With the CE marking, the manufacturer declares in accordance with EU Regulation 765/2008 that a product meets the applicable requirements that are stipulated in the Community harmonization legislation on its affixing. You can find more information on this here. Many low-cost products from the Far East are already failing this labeling, which is mandatory for capsule hearing protection. You should never buy products without CE mark.

IN 352-1: 2002
EN means nothing else like “European norm”. This EN regulates the demands placed on products in the field of occupational safety. For example, EN 352-1: 2002 applies to earmuffs. But there are other EN. The KiddyPlugs “School” have this standard and have been certified by PZT GmbH in Bremerhaven. The 2019/2016 standard, which will apply from 425, was also certified. Thus all correspond KiddyPlugs “School” products based on this standard are important safety standards.

Very few products in the children's hearing protection sector are low in pollutants. But this is extremely important in the area of ​​application for children. No parent would like to expose children to contact with products with excessively high levels of pollutants. Products from the Far East, which are often offered in stores, are not REACH compliant in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH regulation) Chemicals regulation. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to this label and ask in case of doubt the provider afterwards, if this is important to you.

What does damping or insulation mean
Insulation value describes the basic sound insulation in the mean of all frequencies. An attenuation value of 24,3 dB SNR means that the hearing protection reduces outside noise by 24,3 dB. Capsule hearing protection never blocks the hearing 100%. The wearer must still be able to perceive his environment. Otherwise dangerous situations could otherwise arise, especially in work areas with construction machinery, for example if you do not hear that a truck is approaching from behind. Therefore, capsule hearing protection can and should only dampen the noise. The values ​​for the high (high), mid (medium) and low (low) frequency ranges are important here. These values ​​indicate the frequency range in which hearing protection attenuates the most and protects against painful frequencies. The following example:

High 36,7 dB (8000 Hz)
Mid 38,3 dB (4000 Hz)
Low 18,9 dB (500 Hz)

Here you can see that the hearing protection protects against noise, especially in the range of high and medium frequencies. If you are in an environment with mostly high frequencies, then it does not help to use hearing protection, which is particularly strong in the low range. On the other hand, if you work in a range of loud and deep sounds, then you should use hearing protection that is better suited for low frequencies. For normal everyday use, one should rather pay attention to strong values ​​in the high and mid range. The low range can be neglected.

What does SNR and NRR mean for hearing protection?

SNR (Single Number Rating) is the EU's European system and describes roughly the same as the NRR value. Tests in this standard are conducted in independent laboratories and comply with all regulatory requirements of the EU. In addition, the SNR value is compatible with the EN standards for hearing protection. The SNR value is the more common value in Germany than the NRR value and is used especially in the context of certifications. If you want to know more about sound pressure, dB and SNR, click HERE.

NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) was introduced by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency USA) and describes the value that hearing protection can achieve in noisy environments. The tests are carried out in a controlled environment. 

Which hearing protection do we recommend?
The children's hearing protection comparison of KiddyPlugs!



Great hearing protection for almost any purpose. An absolute all-rounder and ours
Bestseller, 2 point suspension, infinitely variable size,
for children (also fits adults)
Available in 8 colors

techn. Dates:
CE, EN 352-1: 2002, REACH / SVHC compliant
strong attenuation of all frequencies, Damping value: 24,3 dB SNR
Ear protection: only 200g, nNot suitable for children under 2 years

from EUR 16,95

to the product






Kids Ear Protection Pirate Captn Sharky Black Logo

Ear protection for children with the Motif of Capt`n Sharky, the children's book character of the same name
absolutely popular with little pirates, 2 points suspension, stepless, infinitely adjustable in size,
for children (also fits adults) 

techn. Dates:
CE, EN 352-1: 2002, REACH / SVHC compliant
strong attenuation of all frequencies, Damping value: 24,3 dB SNR
Weight: 200g, nNot suitable for children under 2 years

from EUR 17,95

to the product





Unique gloss finish with stripes from ALPINE Hearing Protection
2-point suspension, infinitely adjustable in size,
Available in 3 colors
for children (also fits adults)


techn. Dates:
CE, EN 352-1: 2002, 
strong attenuation of all frequencies, attenuation value: 25 dB SNR
Weight: 200g, not suitable for children under 6 years

from EUR 19,95

to the product





An affordable budget hearing protection for children & adults,
low costs, simple plastic suspension, steplessly adjustable in size,
Available in 3 colors, for children and adults 

techn. Dates:
CE, EN 352-1: 2002 
strong attenuation of all frequencies, attenuation value: 26 dB SNR
Weight: 160g, not suitable for children under 2 years

only 4,79 EUR

to the product




Inexpensive hearing protection for children & adults,
light, 2-point suspension, infinitely adjustable in size, without head pad
for children and adults 

techn. Dates:
CE, EN 352-1: 2002 
Average attenuation of all frequencies, attenuation value: 22 dB SNR
Weight: 190g, not suitable for children under 2 years

only 13,95 EUR

to the product




Professional hearing protection for adults & workers,
light, 2-point suspension, infinitely adjustable in size, thin head cushion
especially for work, construction site, workplace - available in 4 variants

techn. Dates:
CE, EN 352-1: 2002 
very strong attenuation of all frequencies, attenuation value: 35 dB SNR
Weight: 190g, suitable for adults

only 26,89 EUR

to the product



You can use the SNR values ​​to directly compare how much hearing protection protects. However, the SNR value is not necessarily decisive alone. What good is ear protection with a high SNR value, if the product is not adjustable in size or only has a simple wire bow as a headband. Again, as is often the case, the cheaper the product. 


There are many uses for earmuffs. We would now like to introduce you to some areas in which especially children should wear ear protection. Children's capsule Hearing protection has the great advantage over ear plugs that it can not slip or fall out of the ear. Children should not use ear plugs. Parents can never accurately check that the plug is properly seated in the ear canal. However, if the plug is not absolutely correct, the desired protection is not guaranteed. Children can not use pegs on their own. Capsule hearing protection, however, is placed on the ear and closes the ear canal from the outside, so that a proper protection is always guaranteed. Due to the contact pressure, the earmuffs also sit firmly and stably on the head. But where can capsule ear protection be used in children?

Home & garden
There are innumerable application possibilities in the home & garden area. Whether dad mows the lawn with the daughter or son, mom swings the drill, cuts trees with a chainsaw, or whatever. It can always be loud at home. Therefore, capsule hearing protection is the optimal choice for all areas.

Football stadium
More and more parents take their children to the football stadium to their favorite club. Who does not want to share the passion for football and the club with their daughter or son? In football stadiums, however, decibel values ​​of up to 120 dB and more are achieved. When 50.000 fans cheer for their club, it's as loud as standing next to a Jumbo jet. Children may experience pain in their ears due to their still sensitive hearing. Protect your child so that the fun of the sport stays long lasting. 

In the field of motorsport, such as Formula 1, DTM or motorcycle racing enormous volumes are achieved by the engines and the large number of vehicles. This can even damage your hearing. Therefore, not only children should wear ear protection, but adults too.

City festivals are popular destinations in summer. Many bands then play in the city centers and parks in great summer weather. In the area of ​​the stages it can come through the loudspeakers to also enormous volumes. In addition, the high and mid values ​​are often massive and cause pain in the ear. Therefore, one should just protect children at city festivals.

Concert & music
Parents take their children to concerts earlier and earlier. Parents want to share the mood and passion for their own band with their children at an early age. Anyone who has ever been to a concert knows how enormous the volume can be. 120-140 dB are not uncommon depending on the music. Children can quickly develop severe ear pain because their hearing is still sensitive. It is therefore imperative that children are protected, especially at concerts. But adults should also protect themselves with earplugs, for example, so that the famous little man does not stay in the ear after the concert and the hearing is not permanently damaged. Because a single visit to a concert can cause irreparable damage to the ear.  

At carnival or Mardi Gras, the same applies as at a city festival. Many bands and bands play in town halls, at the carnival parade or at the ceremonial meeting. In the area of ​​the train route or a stage, there can also be enormous volumes. In addition, the high and mid values ​​are also massive and lead to pain in the ear. Popping noises from firecrackers, cannons or pistols also pose a considerable risk to hearing. Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself during carnival time.

School and education
Hearing Protection at School? What is that for? The KiddyPlugs GmbH already equips many schools in Germany and Europe with the KiddyPlugs "School" out. Hearing protection is ideal for learning support, for nursing work, individual support, group work, special education and special needs schools. Children can concentrate better and thus be better supported. Also for homework at home children's hearing protection is super suitable.

We are looking forward to your opinion

We have certainly not shown all areas of application for hearing protection here. There are countless other options. If you can think of another area of ​​application or if you have already gained experience with our hearing protection, then write to us. We always look forward to testimonials or a picture of your child with one KiddyPlugs Children's hearing protection ...