!!! Respiratory protection & disinfection for schools !!!

We now offer protective masks and disinfectants for schools, kindergartens, public institutions, teachers, educators and team leaders. We also deliver large quantities to your school on request against invoice: 3-layer face mask, 2-layer face mask FFP5, face shields, disinfectant bulk packs 1L and 5 liters!

Special prices for hearing protection
Optimal noise protection even with Corona ventilation

For schools, kindergartens, public institutions, teachers, educators or teamers, our children will get hearing protection at a special price. Simply fill out the adjacent contact form and we will send you a price list in PDF format and further information for schools via e-mail. We will gladly make you a free and non-binding offer! We are already partners of many schools in Germany. If you want to order products as part of the school program, please DO NOT use the webshop. Orders please by hotline, fax or email. An order on account and VOL bill is of course possible. You can reach us on working days from 9 to 16 on the hotline 0800 5236236 (free of charge within Germany). For inquiries from abroad, you can reach us on +49 6406 83 00 491 - the usual local fees apply. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Hearing protection for schools, kindergartens and public. Facilities - WHY, WHY, WHY?

Children need space to develop. This is often associated with a certain level of noise. Especially with children who need special support, these noises or conversations can create a lot of distraction, so that concentrated work is often difficult. In Swedish primary schools, hearing protectors are already available in every class. Children who are easily distracted by noises often find working with hearing protection very pleasant. Noises are muffled or completely eliminated, making concentrated work easier. Our children's products are ideal for your class ... Scandinavia is often a pioneer when it comes to educational support. In Swedish schools, hearing protectors for children are already available in almost every class. If desired, children can simply take ear protection and are thus protected from outside influences. This allows children to concentrate fully on their project. In addition to the educational advantages, the hearing protection is particularly suitable for noise pollution in connection with Corona shock ventilation in the classes and the associated noise pollution from traffic noise, adjacent streets, railway lines, construction sites, etc. The KiddyPlugs School Professional are suitable for children and adults from 6 years. Even teachers can use this hearing protection! You can find a selection of our products HERE

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Why hearing protection?

In a short explanatory video we show you why hearing protection can also be a pedagogical aid for children for your school or institution, which is also fun! We hope you enjoy watching!

KiddyPlugs Kids hearing protection all colors taster box
Childrens ear protection Taster box sideways

Your school is being renovated?

Not only in the educational field find ours KiddyPlugs Children hearing protection products application. The federal and state governments have announced in a program the renovation and renovation of many schools in Germany. Again, we are happy to help and promote your school with great discounts. Our children's hearing protection is also very suitable for use against construction noise indoors and outdoors. Nevertheless, the children can concentrate well and are less distracted by the noise of construction machinery and workers at your school.

Any questions?

We are always at your disposal for any questions about hearing protection at schools, kindergartens or public. Facilities available. We are happy to send you information material for parents 'evenings, parents' letters or your own quorum! You can reach us from Monday to Friday in the time of 9-16 watch under the hotline 0800 5 236 236 (free within Germany). For inquiries from abroad, you can reach us on Tel .: +49 (0) 5258 92081-210. If we are not available, you can leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. We can be reached 7/24 via the contact form.

Reviews of schools

More peace in the classroom, thus more concentrated work possible. We will reorder, because positive feedback from the students and dispute over the headphones!

Rating / Proven Expert

I am completely satisfied with our new purchase. Children in need of complete rest demand the headphones independently, children who find it difficult to rest can concentrate much better on this investment.

Rating / Proven Expert

We are very happy with our headphones. Most children take it very well and the noise level during homework has decreased significantly. Thank you very much 🙂

Rating / Proven Expert

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You can also simply send us a Whatsapp message. Please tell us your name, the name of the facility and an email address. Your message and phone number is not saved and there is no tracking. We only use your data to process your request.