child-gehö - By the way, you can write to us with “ö” or “oe” - is your online shop for professional hearing protection. Whether for babies, children or adults, we have the optimal product and the right hearing protection for all occasions. Whether kindergarten, school, vacation, motorcycle or loud noise on New Year's Eve, Carnival, during construction work, in the garden, at the party or in the stadium. We have the right product.


The motto of our online shop is "Protect Your Kids NOW". kinder-hö takes on a problem that many are not aware of. Children's ears are still very sensitive. Even briefly loud noises, music or noise can damage the ears. Volume levels of 90 - 105 db (decibels) can lead to permanent damage. At rock concerts, at techno events or in stadiums, an unbelievable 120 dB are reached at the top of the noise scale. The pain threshold is exactly in this area. For comparison, a jackhammer in the immediate vicinity already generates 120 db, a jet jet 130 - 140 db. Anyone who deliberately expose themselves or their children to such a loud volume over a longer period of time risks permanent hearing damage! kinder-hö would like to draw attention to this problem and especially to encourage parents, their children and young people to protect themselves against permanent hearing damage. The fun doesn't have to suffer.

We have specialized in making hearing protection fun for children and not generally ugly. You will find a large selection of colorful hearing protection specially designed for kids. Great colors and a comfortable fit are the be-all and end-all of good hearing protection. If children don't enjoy it, then you will never accept or even use hearing protection. Trouble is inevitable. Therefore our children's hearing protection is the optimal choice. Colorful, high quality, optimal fit - your child will be delighted. We get a lot of feedback from satisfied and happy parents. It is not uncommon for children to use hearing protection to play at home ... without it being loud at all. Children use our hearing protection quite naturally and without hesitation and look forward to every day when they can play with them. Because hearing nothing can be totally exciting.

Our shop does not only include ear protection for children. Because it would be nonsense to offer only products for the little ones, but mom and dad have to order elsewhere. That's why we decided to offer hearing protection for the whole family. We only carry only high quality and professional hearing protection. We completely do without cheap goods from China. All products are tested and certified to CE and EN.

Payment by bank transfer, cash on delivery, PayPal or instant transfer rounds off the offer. kinder-hö would like to contribute to bringing the subject of hearing protection into the awareness of parents, children and adults and to promoting the fun of hearing protection.

Via kinder-hö

kinder-hö has been online since 2014 and contains a large and professional selection of hearing protection products for toddlers, children and adults. We do not carry “cheap products”, but only products from well-known manufacturers in top quality. Our products are tested according to EN and CE and thus meet high quality requirements. We have had an unfirm name since 2017 and are now the KiddyPlugs GmbH.